Choosing The Right Hosting Provider

Web hosting is an inevitability that a company should understand and use to streamline their workflow. But how will you decide if a web host is good or not? What is important in a hosting provider? But before knowing these things, one should know what a web hosting is?

A web hosting is basically, a service that provides an individual or a company to publish a website or a page on the Internet. It further means, if a user wants to view your site, you can provide them with your domain or website address. They then, through their PC, get connected to the server and can see your web pages in their respective browser. You can have your own domain or can also ask hosting companies to help you provide domain.

Once you know what a web hosting is, it is important to choose a best hosting service. So how will you do that? Here are few steps that you can follow:

· Know your hosting needs

· Investigate the reliability and uptime guarantees

· Study the plans carefully

· Check features like add-on domains and much more as per your needs

· Check prices for signup and renewal

· Heck hosting control panel

· Read the service’s ToS to find more about usage policy and account suspension

· Check features like site backup, environmental friendliness, etc.

In the path of choosing the best web-hosting service, you’ll come across different plans the service offers. There are three basic plans one can opt:

Individual plans:

Individual plans are most affordable and pocket-friendly options. These plans provide support only for single domain services and have limited features, shorter bandwidth and limited data storage. It is especially for those who don’t need much traffic or does not have special needs for their websites.

Dedicated services:

Individual plans or dedicated hosting plans are the ones that have their aspects and offers. Although they are costly, they are available at different price range.

Reseller accounts:

For the businesses, which are looking for something beneficial for their company, can opt reseller accounts. They have a particular niche that comes under dedicated service plans and individual plans.

Be it a large business or the small one; there are so many options one can choose for hosting their web application, websites or mail server. However the most common is shared hosting. In the shared hosting plan, numerous different sites share a single server’s resources. However,for a company that demands a robust service provider, will need a dedicated hosting,

With a dedicated hosting, a client can easily rent a server from the hosting provider. The provider then works with clients to provide them CPU, RAM and disc space they want.

Let’s have a rundown to know what are the benefits of choosing a dedicated hosting provider:

Enhance Performance And Security:

Choosing a dedicated hosting provider not only guarantees maximum uptime for the website but also increases the traffic on a website. Shared hosting is best suited for the websites that have less traffic. But if your website has a lot of business, having a dedicated server helps you gain stability and reliability. Since with a dedicated hosting, you are not sharing your data with anybody; your data will remain safe from malicious websites and potential spammers.

But with a dedicated hosting, the companies that are handling money transaction or FTP or SSL’s will feel safe and secure.

Server Resources Are Safe:

When you opt a dedicated web-hosting service provider, you get comprehensive resources on a single server. Thus you do not have to worry about other fake servers. Also, you will be free from bandwidth spikes and slow servers.

Unique IP Address:

Every single server has its unique IP address. But with shared hosting, you will have to share your IP address with multiple websites. Which means, if your near user is spam or is an adult site, it will push down your ranking as well.

So have a dedicated website that will help you get a unique and private IP address. It is also important for the people who are running websites like e-commerce or data sharing and require SSL for credit card processing.

No Overheated For Purchasing Or Maintaining Equipment:

Dedicated hosting is also helpful for those who do not have time or resources to manage servers on their own. It’s a low-cost way to get resources of a whole server. However, a dedicated hosting server controls maintenance of server equipment and the cost of building that server. Although sharing websites is the cheapest way to run a website, for the companies who have a huge traffic and has strict needs for security and customization should opt for a dedicated hosting provider.


With a dedicated server, a client can customise the server as per its unique needs for RAM, CPU and disc space and software. But with sharing web-hosting, he gets restricted to the application, software and operating environment, which already have many things on the server.

A dedicated server user can choose and customise the platform and type of software as per his needs.

You can never get the particular web hosting without knowing your needs. So before making your choice ask yourself:

· What kind of website are you creating?

· Do you need something common?

· Do you need window applications?

· Is there any particular version of software like PHP required?

· Does your website demands any specific software?

· How much web traffic volume you want?

What you should look for when choosing a web host provider:

· Server Reliability

· Server upgrading options

· Multiple Add on Domains

· Refund policy

· Basic hosting features like Cron Jobs, Auto Script Installer, .Htaccess, SSI

· E-commerce features

· Hosting control panel

· Knowing your account limits

· Look for Email@YourDomain.Com feature

· Check for subscription period

· Site backup

There are many web-hosting services available in the market. Different websites and blogs have different needs, and there is not any particular service that can fulfil one’s needs. So, when choosing your web hosting provider, make sure to inspect and check if it meets your demands.

After all, it is not about having the best web host; it is about having the right one.