Five Best Tips for SEO

Search engine optimization is the best technique to establish good reputation of a website in an internet world. There are lots of SEO techniques are available in today’s world. You can use as many as you want, but to get good results, you must know best techniques for a website. I would like to share few simple but useful SEO tips that can be used to bring your website on 1st page of search engines. Many times I have observed that people ignored basics of SEO and just keep building links. Until and unless your backbone of the website (On Page Optimization) is not strong, you can’t expect good ranking by just building backlinks.Here are five simple SEO tips to rank on 1st page:

Selection of right Keyword:
This is the very first thing that you should consider before optimizing the website. Make sure that the keyword should not be very competitive or less competitive. Try to target niche keyword instead of general one. There are few free keyword research tools available on the website like Wordtracker, keyword discovery, Google Adwords, WordStream, etc.

Meta Tags
Once keyword research is done, then it’s time to develop good tags for your page. A title tag should be related to content and Meta description should provide very brief information about web content. Here you should use some marketing text in meta description to generate inquiries for your business since many times search engines used to display meta description in their search engine result pages. Don’t just optimize the home page, make sure to

Keep your code Clean
Many times designer used to design eye-catching design with the help of classic graphics, javascript to animate, and flash. Note it down that search engines will not like your website if the coding is full of javascript or flash. Keep your website simple, use text and graphics which is of less in kb.

Get links from the relevant them
I observed that many times folks used to participate in link exchange and try to get links from all sources which are not good practice. Always try to get the backlinks from a relevant theme of your website. If your website is about Online Gaming, then try to get links from the gaming site. This will not help your website a good ranking but also dominate on top 5 ranking Back-links, reciprocal links, referral links, link building. A highly underrated, but necessary part of the find ability of your website. There is two main reason peoples ask for links from other websites. The first is simple; links to other sites deliver visitors to your site. Home pages, directories, and even Wikipedia Marketplace can be good for quite a few visitors.

Google bass honors the value they give to a website which is also on the number and quality of links you get from other websites. But not all links count. These are mostly links to “spontaneously” laid. Directories and paid links still seem to lose more weight. So you will have to search for related websites that link your website.